Student Branch Activities

What is Student Branch/Chapter ?

Student chapter are composed of student and postdoc that act volunteer activity and communicate with other chapters.
We can do them as OSA and SPIE support us.

We held the invited lecture by Dr. Joseph Shaw who is the Director of the Optical Technology Center, Professor of Optics and Electrical Engineering, and Affiliate Professor of Physics at Montana State University.

Our university hold KITEMITE festival. This event invited children and their parents around the University. The number of the participants were about 300 people. Our purpose of this event was to get interested for light to participant. We made the demonstration experiment of the basic characteristics of the light. For example, we created a rainbow by changing the angle of the light with a diffraction grating and a white light. We think that the children and their parents interested by our experiment. We could learn how to teach things to people by teaching about light. This event had a benefit to both the participants and us.

We made the demonstration experiment of the light and the introduction of the experimental equipment to target 17-18- year-old students in our university's open campus.

We attended an event” Outreach Games”. The event is optics and photonics demonstrations from student chapters worldwide while enjoying refreshments and networking in a casual atmosphere. We hang out with peers while engaging in a friendly competition.

Introduction of OSA and SPIE Student Chapter (pdf file: English)

Student Chapter Poster (pdf file: English and Japanese)

IEEE Student Branches provide an opportunity for IEEE Student Members to begin networking intheir areas of interest and future profession. There are over 3,000 Student Branches in over 100 countries, globally.


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